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HeyI’m not afraid, I can be myself and IHope you can be yourself as well‘Cause I can make you feel alrightAnd there was so much happiness thatWe were still yet to findI said that you can call me Alex, babyWelcome to my life
But don’t you worry, don’t you, don’t worry, girlNo, I’m not sure if I’m into youThe last time that you checked I was probably so sad and confusedI don’t know, no, I don’t know what you likeBut if you’re lookin’ for somethin’ newI know somebody that you could choose
What about me?What about me?What about me and you together?Somethin’ that could really last foreverWhat about me?What about me?What about me and you together?Somethin’ that could really last forever
If all my friends wanna be in her bedThen I begin to wonder whyI guess that I’d be lyin’ to myselfBecause who the fuck would be dumb enoughTo reject an offer? Oh, what an offerNow, two, two, ten, one, fiveCouple hours can change your lifeFrankie sayin’, “Oh what a night?” What a night?What the fuck is a girlfriend? I’ma need adviceMaybe I should go outside so I could get a fucking lifeI made a friend and she spent the night, and now
I’m in love and she remains in my lifeAnd back when we spoke in EuropeI need insurance, on my emotionsI can’t get hurt againFuck the past, fuck them, they all made me sadAnd I had no time to prepare to face my fearsI guess that it’s time that I dried these tears
But if I could just be happy by the end of this songBut if by the time you hear it, you are already goneAnd it didn’t go to plan, then why should I continue in this lifeWhen there’s no one around to be the one who makes me smile?
But so far everything’s good(Ooh)Oh, ohWhoa, whoa, oh-whoa, ohSaid, so far everything’s goodNoOh-no-noNo-no-no, no, no, oh, oh
I want the crowd in tears when they hear thisIs that so wrong?